Swag for the Planet
Premium merch that sets off a massive ripple effect of positive change

Our oceans are being choked by plastic. So every RIPL bottle funds a full day of employment for a local in Bali to collect plastic from beaches, lifting them out of poverty. 1 bottle = 1 day of employment


Deforestation is the greatest threat facing wildlife. So with the profit from every RIPL notebook, we buy and protect 1000 sq ft of rainforest in Brazil, saving it from deforestation and protecting the endangered species that call it home. Oh, and the cover is made from up-cycled ocean plastic. The best notebook you've ever owned? We hope so!


RIPL tote bags have the same huge impact as our notebooks. Each one funds the purchase and protection of 1000 sq ft of rainforest, saving it from logging and mining, and giving endangered species room to roam. Forever.

Our aim is to make co-branding RIPL products a no-brainer.
They're high quality, competitively priced and give you a great sustainability story to tell.

All our items can be customized with a logo and come in recycled gift packaging that tells the impact story.

We can also provide you with media assets that lets the recipient know how much of a positive impact has been made by their gift.

How does our rainforest conservation program work?

8.5 hectares of rainforest are cut down every minute of every day. The best way to protect endangered species is to protect their home from logging and mining.

So the profit from every RIPL notebook is used to buy 1000 sq ft of pristine rainforest in Brazil, through one of our local partner organisations.

These carefully selected plots of land are then added to a nature reserve, giving animals on the verge of extinction room to roam. Forever.

An important part of the process involves handing the land over to a local community to manage, giving them ownership over their native forest and empowering them to protect it.

How does our ocean conservation program work?

One garbage truck of plastic is discarded into our oceans every minute. Many developing countries lack the infastructure to deal with it.

So the profit from every RIPL bottle is used to employ a local in Bali (Indonesia) to collect plastic from beaches, helping lift them out of poverty. 1 bottle = 1 day of employment.

During 1 day of plastic collection, about 1000 plastic bottles will be prevented from reaching the ocean. Once collected, the plastic is processed and converted into 'social plastic' by our partner organisation, which can be re-used in new goods.

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