Tackling the cycle of plastic and poverty in Bali

Every RIPL bottle you buy funds the employment of a Balinese local to collect plastic from beaches.

1 bottle = 1 day of employment

But it doesn't stop there.

We take the plastic they collect and use it to manufacture water purifiers, which we donate to their communities, reducing their reliance on bottled water.

It's a circular system that makes ocean plastic useful again.

Why are we here?

Our oceans are being choked by plastic. As a community of ocean-lovers, we have a responsibility to step up and protect the places that bring us so much joy.

Taking action

In the face of such a relentless avalanche of plastic, it’s easy to think, “what can I do?” 

But the truth is, one person really can make a huge difference. Every single choice we make matters. RIPL is living proof.

We make beautiful, minimal and sustainable products for ocean lovers. The best bit... Every time someone buys one of our bottles, they set off a massive ripple effect of positive change.


Piping hot & icy cold

Our insulated stainless steel core keeps drinks cold for up to 24hrs and hot for up to 12hrs.

RIPL-Tec Coating

Our silicon-based outer coating is soft, matte and tactile to touch, while tough enough to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle.

Sustainable with style

Our range has been beautifully designed with a minimal and modern look, with each colour inspired by the tones of Bali.

Easy twist cap

The lid seals and comes off in 3/4 of a rotation, making it easy and convenient. The neck is narrow enough to sip from without spilling, but wide enough to fit ice cubes.

Carbon Neutral

By mid-2022 we aim to be sequestering the same volume of carbon as we emit during the manufacturing and transport of our products.

Laser engraved logo

The logo has been laser engraved for a high quality finish.